Set up the search system and conduct the search

Our team of experts in autism research and library science will set up a system to conduct a systematic search of studies on behavioral, educational, clinical and developmental practices and service models conducted since 2012.

January-March 2017

Set up the system for initial screening

The team will create a system for screening the titles and abstracts of all articles returned from the initial search.

April-May 2017

Conduct initial screening

The team will screen all articles by title and abstract to eliminate any articles that are not relevant based on the goals of the systematic review.

June-September 2017

Set up the external review system

The team will work together to create a web-based system to be accessed by a network of reviewers for full-text article reviews.

June-September 2017

Recruit and train article reviewers

We will reach out to other universities, research institutions, and beyond to recruit people who are qualified and willing to review full articles. Our team will train reviewers to examine the quality of research and report study outcomes for several types of research (single-case design, group design, etc).

October 2017-December 2017

Set up the search system for ongoing reviews

Our team set up a system that will allow our team to keep a running list of newly released articles relevant to the NCAEP search in order to conduct ongoing yearly reviews of the research.

October 2017-December 2017

Conduct article reviews

The team will assign reviewers to specific articles. The network of reviewers will complete the review process.

January 2017-March 2019

Synthesize data from article reviews

The team will collect the data from the initial screening and article reviews and combine with the data from previous NPDC reviews to determine the results of the current review.

Spring-Summer 2019

Publish report

The team will publish a report that details the complete review process including the methods, results, and conclusions.

August 2019-December 2019

Conduct initial screenings and article reviews for 2018 publications

The team and network of reviewers will continue to conduct the title/abstract screenings and full-text article reviewers for studies released in 2018 for the annual research update.

Ongoing throughout 2018-2019