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The Advances for Autism Challenge

The autism team at UNC's Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute is dedicated to bringing real-world solutions to children with autism. Funding has ended for one of our most successful projects. But we’re committed to continuing this work—and we’re even expanding it.

That’s why we need your help.

We screened 29,000 articles on autism and synthesized the research down to 27 evidence-based practices. Then we developed free online training, called AFIRM, which shows each of these evidence-based practices in action.

The response has been phenomenal. In less than three years, our online training modules have generated 4 million page views.

Teachers who use these evidence-based practices in their classrooms see students making substantial gains in short amounts of time, constantly exceeding expectations. Families even tout the success of these practices in helping children develop new friendships—a significant concern for parents of children with autism.

More than ever, teachers and families are counting on us to update and expand our work.

Help us continue to deliver real-world solutions for children with autism.

The Organization for Autism Research has generously offered to partner with us by providing a $25,000 matching gift. Be part of the solution.