Project Aims

The NCAEP team has two primary aims and two future aims pending additional funding listed below.

Primary Aims

Aim 1: We will update the previous review of the literature completed on studies published between 1990-2011(Wong, Odom, Hume et al., 2015) using a rigorous system of accessing and evaluating the quality of research information and updating the list of EBPs to add research from 2012-2017.

Aim 2: We will set up systems to conduct and publish yearly reviews of the research literature which will provide real time updates to the field on new and emerging evidence based practices.

Future Aims

Future Aim 1: We will conduct an original review of studies with adults on the autism spectrum (ages 22 and up) of behavioral, educational, and clinical practices as well as service models published between 1990 and 2017. 

Future Aim 2: We will conduct an original review of studies of pharmaceutical interventions published between 1990 and 2017.